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The Hershey Company has unveiled a three-year programme expanding its cocoa farmer training and community initiatives in Côte d’Ivoire.

In partnership with Cargill, Hershey ‘Learn to Grow Ivory Coast’ will encompass seven farmer cooperatives and will include investments in educational infrastructure and teacher housing.

Through Hershey Learn to Grow Ivory Coast, 10,000 cocoa farmers will be trained in agricultural and social practices that are independently audited and certified against the UTZ Certified standard.

By doing so, farmers will benefit by receiving higher premium payments for their cocoa. Farmers will also realize long-term improvements to their cocoa harvests by improving aging farms through good agricultural practices.

Hershey is expanding its Learn to Grow farmer training model from established programmes in Ghana and Nigeria.

Hershey and Cargill have previously collaborated on CocoaLink, a program that uses mobile technology to connect cocoa farmers in Ghana with information about good farming practices, labour safety and crop marketing.

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