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After years of struggling with coffee leaf rust outbreaks, Peruvian coffee production is recovering, according to a recent report.

Peruvian coffee production is forecast at 4.5 million bags in marketing year 2017/18 (MY 2017/18), an increase of 7 per cent compared to the previous year, according to the latest report on the country from the US Department of Agriculture’s Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN).

The May 2017 report said Peruvian producers benefited from higher international prices in 2016, although prices have fallen since.

Peru’s exports of coffee in MY 2017/18 are forecast at 4.3 million bags, up 8 per cent from last year.

Exports are forecast to continue increasing as coffee leaf rust outbreaks abate and the planted area expands as a result of the government’s programme to renew 80,000 hectares of coffee land.

In MY2013/2014 coffee leaf rust affected almost 50 per cent of the crop in the country.

Peru’s total calendar year (CY) 2016 exports reached a level of 4 million bags (240,220 tonnes). The US was the most important market for Peruvian coffee, accounting for 27 per cent of total exports. Germany and Belgium were also important export markets with 25 and 10 per cent of exports, respectively.

Export prices for Peruvian coffee averaged US$3,164 per tonne in CY 2016, five per cent lower than CY 2015.

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