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The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is launching a new sustainability conference, with the first event due to take place in Guatemala City in October 2017.

The SCA says sustainability leaders right along the coffee value chain will gather in Guatemala City to participate in ‘Avance,’ the first sustainability conference hosted by the association.

The inaugural Avance event will be held 11-12 October 2017 at the headquarters of Anacafé, Guatemala’s national coffee association.

The two-day event will consist of lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and dialogue on topics such as climate change and the economics of coffee production, with a focus on the Central American context.

Kim Elena Ionescu, Chief Sustainability Officer at the SCA, said “Avance is special in many ways but there are two features that most clearly set it apart from other SCA events: it is our first sustainability-focused conference, and our first conference that will be held in a coffee-producing region.

“The growth of the sustainability community in coffee, the need to include a more diverse set of voices in our dialogues and accelerating awareness of the challenges we face are the foundation for Avance.”

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