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One of Germany’s best known manufacturers of coffee roasting machines is developing a completely new line of roasters that responds to the requirements of small and specialty roasters.

At the HOST exhibition in Milan in October 2017, Neuhaus Neotec presented a technology study of a new roaster, which was met with great interest by the visitors of the stand. The technology study of the ‘Neo-Gourmet’ will also be presented to the international market at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle in April 2018.

For Neuhaus Neotec, the Neo-Gourmet marks the entry into a new market segment, the roaster being the cornerstone of a future generation of compact hot-air roasters.

Speaking exclusively to C&CI, the company explained that, with the Neo-Gourmet batch roaster it is developing a new generation of roaster that will enable small companies and specialty roasters to profit from the advantages and flexibility of hot-air roasting.

“Cold brew or filter coffee, rare coffee varieties from the best growing areas or a top-quality espresso – the new coffee culture with its highly-developed coffee beverages requires not only the best green coffees but a profound understanding of coffee roasting,” said Neuhaus Neotec.

“In an ideal world, this is kind of understanding of the roasting process would not just be applied to larger roasters, but to machines intended to roast a few kilogrammes of speciality quality coffee.”

To provide the coffee sector with just this kind of capability, Neuhaus Neotec is developing a new family of Neo-Gourmet roasters aimed especially at a target group that comprises small, specialty roasting companies, gourmet roasters, start-ups and larger, established companies who also want to enter the gourmet market with smaller production volumes. The new roasters will be available in three sizes – 15, 30 and 60 kg per batch.

The compact Neo Gourmet roaster makes use of the tried and tested hot-air roasting process used in Neuhaus Neotec’s well-known RFB roaster, including all of the advantages of roasting in a hot air stream.

However, the new roaster isn’t just a ‘small’ version of the larger RFB roaster but a newly developed ‘precision instrument,’ as Neuhaus Neotec describes it, one that enables roasters of specialty coffee to take advantage of all of the benefits of hot air roasting at shop-floor level.


For more information see the January 2018 issue of Coffee & Cocoa International.

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