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Probat, the well-known manufacturer of coffee roasting machines and related technology, is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2018. The anniversary will be marked by a number of international events taking place throughout the year, including the Probat Coffee Symposium ‘Connecting Markets’ in September 2018.

Connecting Markets will take place at the company’s headquarters in Germany 19-20 September. Leaders and executives of the international coffee industry will come together to share their knowledge with each other. Participants will also have plenty of opportunity for inspiring discussions and networking activities. The two-day event will include presentations and think-tanks accompanied by a number of breakout sessions.

Probat’s CEO, Wim Abbing (shown here), told C&CI, “Probat stands for a passion for coffee combined with a fascination with technology. Our products and services have been shaping the market for 150 years and four generations. I warmly invite the coffee industry to be part of our 150th anniversary festivities.”

To keep coffee enthusiasts informed about the Probat Coffee Symposium and anniversary the company has created a microsite, www.probat150.com at which you can find information regarding all of the events taking place around the anniversary. The website will be linked to social media platforms where users can post Probat anniversary related information tagging them with #probat150.

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