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The US has notified the International Coffee Organization (ICO) that it is withdrawing from the International Coffee Agreement 2007.

José Sette, Executive Director of the ICO, the intergovernmental organization responsible for administering the agreement, expressed regret at the US government’s decision to withdraw, but also confidence that relations between the ICO and the American coffee community would continue to be close.

“The private sector in the US, represented by the National Coffee Association and the Specialty Coffee Association, is very supportive of the ICO and we will continue to work closely with both associations,” said Mr Sette.

“With regard to the US government, a previous US administration took the decision to withdraw from the International Coffee Agreement and later returned.

“We hope that the international coffee community will once again see the US government back among our membership and join us in continuing to tackle the complex challenges facing the world coffee sector in which 25 million producers, mostly smallholders, and more than 25 million people directly or indirectly depend on coffee for their livelihood.”

According to the rules of the organisation, the withdrawal of the US as a signatory of the International Coffee Agreement 2007 takes effect on 3 June 2018.

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  1. Dean Cycon

    TYPICAl political stunt with no understanding of history or reality. Last time the US pulled out of ICO under Reagan it was one of the major factor leading to the pricing crisis of 1998-2000 that drove over a million farmers off their lands and incidentally lead to an big increase in illegal border crossing. Of course I wouldnt expect our President or his flunkies to know or care about this. Another crisis created by Trump.


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