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US-based Loring Smart Roast has introduced a series of enhancements to its commercial coffee roasters.

The enhancements now come standard on the S15 Falcon, S35 Kestrel and S70 Peregrine models.

“These updates reflect our continuous innovation to improve the roasting experience for our customers,” said Henry Perez, Director of Engineering. “They incorporate several important changes to the roasters that make them less complex, easier to maintain and more user-friendly.”

The upgraded roasters have 133 different enhancements. The most significant new feature is the adjustable arm on the touchscreen enclosure that allows the screen to be to easily be read from different angles and in changing light conditions. It is more ergonomic, and adaptable to the physical needs of different operators.

A redesigned cooling tray screen delivers a 15 per cent reduction in cooling time. In addition, Loring roasters now include an electrical outlet, which allows the roaster to be a convenient charging point for a bean cart or a power source for a computer. Loring customers will also enjoy the improved placement and labelling of lights, buttons, and controls.

March 2018 also saw Loring introduce the S7 Nighthawk coffee roaster, delivering the control and efficiency that Loring roasters are known for to users that require a smaller unit.

Like Loring’s larger capacity roasters, the S7 Nighthawk includes a touchscreen that can be used for manual roasting, or to run roast profiles that automatically control temperature, charging the roast chamber, and discharge to the cooler tray.

The S7 offers a 1.4kg to 7kg roasting capacity with Loring’s patented single-burner design, resulting in better fuel efficiency and lower emissions than conventional roasters.

“The S7 Nighthawk makes the advantages of our Loring roasters available to a new segment of the coffee roasting market,” said Gordon Tredger, President of Loring Smart Roast. “It offers the same precise control and energy efficiency that are valued by Loring customers around the world, and provides it in a new, compact form factor.”

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