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Late 2018 saw Tony’s Chocolonely, retailer Albert Heijn and chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut forge a partnership that aims to end child labour and slavery in the chocolate industry.

Together the companies are setting a new industry standard that they believe will increase pressure on the wider chocolate industry to drive structural change to work towards a fairer cocoa value chain.

With a mission to make 100 per cent slave-free the norm in chocolate, Tony’s Chocolonely has been calling on companies to follow their example for cocoa sourcing based on direct relations with cocoa co-operatives, traceable cocoa and a living income for cocoa farmers.

The company shares full details of its transparent supply chain under Tony’s Open Chain – an open-source platform where chocolate companies can access all the expertise needed to eliminate social issues from their own supply chain. The platform includes tools such as Tony’s Beantracker and the Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System that has been implemented at all Tony’s partner cooperatives.

Dutch retailer Albert Heijn is the first company to sign up for Tony’s Open Chain. Chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut has enabled the partnership with its expertise in processing the segregated cocoa to chocolate.

“This is a giant step for the chocolate industry, and an important move towards making sustainable chocolate the industry standard by 2025,” said Antoine de Saint-Affrique, CEO of Barry Callebaut. “It’s an amazing opportunity to collaborate with both the biggest retailer in The Netherlands and a company as committed to its slave-free mission as Tony’s Chocolonely, and we look forward to expanding this success story through our logistical expertise.”

“Together we make more impact. I’m thrilled that Albert Heijn and Barry Callebaut are joining us on our roadmap towards slave-free chocolate,” said Henk Jan Beltman, Chief Chocolate Officer with Tony’s Chocolonely. “We have always aimed to inspire others to act. Today our impact is bigger than our chocolate alone. We’re certain that this is just the first step on the journey to change the industry and make chocolate 100 per cent slave-free.”

From March 2019 products will hit Albert Heijn’s shelves with chocolate made exclusively from fully traceable cocoa, bought at a higher price, from Tony’s Chocolonely partner co-operatives in West Africa.

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