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The National Coffee Association offered a first look at its 2019 National Coffee Data Trends report at the 2019 NCA Annual Convention in Atlanta.

The NCDT report has tracked the consumer behaviour and perceptions shaping coffee trends in the US for almost 70 years. The 2019 report found that more Americans are drinking speciality coffee daily and that 63 per cent of American adults drink coffee daily, which is on a par with 2018 consumption.

“Coffee is America’s most beloved beverage – and for good reason,” said Bill Murray, NCA President and CEO (shown here). “New consumer values have changed the game for coffee. But the industry is adapting – and thriving – by embracing innovation and transparency.” From sustainability to wellness, these realigned priorities mean that consumers are paying more attention to what’s in their cup than ever before.

“And while we’re not seeing a significant change in the quantity of coffee that people are consuming, there is a clear change in the quality and consideration of each cup. Most tellingly, in 2019 the share of gourmet coffee consumed past-day reached a new high of 61 per cent. The data showed similar dynamics across espresso-based beverages, traditional coffee – gourmet, and gourmet coffee beverages on a past-week basis.”

This shift is also seen in emerging consumer behaviour patterns. Driven by younger coffee drinkers, the US is seeing a gradual but steady increase in the share of coffee prepared out-of-home and consumed after breakfast.

The NCA said the under-40 demographic is a formidable force in the coffee market. “They’re driving remarkable growth in cold brew and ready-to-drink is also demonstrating exciting growth trends. Considering how recently they’ve reached mainstream markets, awareness of these beverages is high – 80 per cent and 89 per cent respectively. Both of these categories offer opportunities for innovation, from preparation methods to functional ingredients,” said the NCA.

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