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A new report published by IDH reveals that despite progress, Europe is still contributing to deforestation by purchasing tropical commodities that are not sustainably produced.

In the report, IDH urges a number of actions from governments and companies to create more sustainable supply chains.

The report, The data speaks, takes stock of what it described as “alarmingly low” sustainable, responsible and no-deforestation imports of cocoa, soy, palm oil and tropical timber into the EU.

“Despite pledges by companies and governments to achieve deforestation-free production of tropical commodities by 2020, most of these commodities are currently not responsibly sourced,” said IDH. Just 30 per cent of cocoa is certified worldwide,” it said.

Daan Wensing, Director of the Landscape Programme at IDH said, “Not enough progress has been made. Europe is dangerously behind when it comes to meeting its responsible sourcing and no-deforestation pledges. We need urgent action from industry players and governments to jointly fight deforestation in supply chains while securing economic development and livelihoods in producing countries.”

Last month, research from the Global Forest Watch revealed that 3.6 million hectares of tropical forest have been cleared since 2002, largely driven by production of agricultural commodities.

According to a YouGov poll commissioned by Fern, Greenpeace and WWF, 87 per cent of European consumers want deforestation-free products.

For more information see the September 2019 issue of Coffee & Cocoa International.

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