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The Independent Voice of the Commodity Industry


Coffee and Cocoa International (C&CI) offers your organisation an unrivalled platform for maintaining or boosting its image. A single response can more than repay the initial investment of advertising.

Back-numbers of the magazine are often kept over a long period of time as a source of reference. Regular appearance of your advertisement will foster familiarity between your company and our readers, assisting you in achieving an advantage over your competitors.

C&CI reaches a relevant, targeted and influential readership. Your advertisement will be seen by key decision makers within the following types of companies:

  • Coffee Roasters
  • Green Coffee Importers
  • Coffee Brokers & agents
  • Coffee Exporters
  • Coffee Growers
  • Soluble Manufacturers
  • Coffee Boards/Trade Associations
  • Handlers
  • Cocoa Processors/Chocolate Manufacturers
  • Cocoa Importers
  • Cocoa Brokers & Agents
  • Cocoa Exporters
  • Cocoa Growers
  • Cocoa Boards/Trade Associations
  • Shipping/Warehousing
  • Plant & Machinery Manufacturers