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Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaffeinated Coffee

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4141 Yonge Street, Suite 203, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2P 2A8

Agglomerated coffee powder
Certified Organic coffee powder
Decaffeinated soluble coffee
Freeze dried coffee powder
Green coffee bean extract with chlorogenic acid
Liquid coffee extract
Soluble coffee powder
Brokers & Agents General
+1 416 225 2217
Yuba, CA, USA


Brazil Mogiana
Colombia Decaf
Crossmember Coldbrew Blend
Direct Trade – El Salvador Villa España
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Torea
Limited Edition Single Origin
Nicaragua Arca de Noé
Roaster’s Select Single Origin
Samples – Single Origin
Sumatra FTO Aceh
Top Transom Blend
Vertical Support Espresso
+1 530 423 5145
33 Coffee Lane, Waterbury, Vermont 05676, USA
+1 802 244 5621
1440 Broadway
New York, NY 10018, USA

The Americas

Guatemala Antigua
Guatemala el Socorro
La Minita™ Costa Rica

Indonesia & South Pacific

Sumatra Mandheling

Africa & Arabia

Burundi Buzirahguhindwa
Ethiopia Sidamo
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Espresso Blends and Dark Roasts

Beowulf Espresso Blend
French Roast
Italian Roast


Oren’s Special Blend®
City Blend
Nelvis Blend
Penelope’s Blend
Mocha Java Style Blend
Viennese Blend
Turkish Blend

SWP Decafs

Colombia – SWP Decaf
Oren’s Special Blend® – SWP Decaf
French Roast – SWP Decaf
Beowulf Blend – SWP Decaf
Sumatra – SWP Decaf


SWP Decaf Flavors
Cinnamon – SWP Decaf

+1 212-348-5400
Westfeldt Brothers Inc.
528 Gravier Street
New Orleans, LA-70130, USA

Decaffeinated Coffee
Speciality Coffee
+1 504 586 0084