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Soluble Manufactures &/or Packers

Soluble Manufactures &/or Packers

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+61 3 676 5471
3945 Ohio Ave
3945 Ohio Ave, St. Charles, IL 60174, USA

Packaging Solutions
Private Label
Soluble Coffee
Contract Manufacturing
Contract Packaging
Custom Blending
Quality Assurance / Food Safety
Product Development
Food Service
Supply Chain and Co-Packing

+1 630 513 9600
viale Empoli, 36 – 47838 Riccione (RN) Italy
Instant Coffee
Private Label

A vast and comprehensive range for all coffee-shop owners and wholesalers who wish to offer their customers a line of top-quality products.

+39 0541603065
Cafeastraße 1, Hamburg, D-21107, Germany
Soluble Coffee
Private Label
Partner for B2B and Vending

DEK is one of the leading suppliers of instant coffee and instant coffee drinks to the retail own-brand market.

+49 40 753 04-0
81 Main Street, Suite 503. White Plains, NY 10601, USA

Spray Dried Coffee
Spray Dried Regular
Spray Dried Dark Roast
Spray Dried Decaffeinated
Spray Dried Aromatized
Spray Dried Acid Neutralized
Freeze Dried Regular
Freeze Dried Dark Roast
Freeze Dried Decaffeinated
Freeze Concentrated

+1 (516) 773-8500
Worbstrasse 262, Postfach 96, 3073 Gümligen Switzerland
Instant Coffee
Private Label
Packaging Solutions

HACO generally offers arabica and robusta, or perfectly balanced blends. Coffee blends, soluble 3-in-1, cappuccino and latte macchiato beverages. Also speciality instant coffees like Fairtrade, organic coffee, halal and kosher formulations; all in their pure form or decaffeinated.


+41 (0)31 950 11 11