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Cocoa Grinders

Cocoa Grinders

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108 Oak Street Suite B
Roswell, GA 30075, USA
CocoaTown provides complete solution for bean to bar chocopreneurs around the world through equipment, education and ingredients. CocoaTown designs, develops, manufactures and distributes a full line of bean to bar equipment to help chocolate makers create gourmet chocolates from cocoa bean  – the authentic way with modern convenience. CocoaTown has three lines of equipment – Lab scale for academic institutions, R&D purposes, recipe development and start-ups, Chef line – for chefs and culinary institutions and commercial line -for chocopreneurs who want to grow their business.

CocoaTown’s equipment include:

– CocoaT junior Roasters
– CocoaT mini pregrinders
– CocoaT manual crackers
– CocoaT Winnowers
– ECGC-12SLTA melangers
– ECGC-12SSGS mini Grindeurs
– CocoaT power Crackers
– CocoaT commercial Roasters
– InnoWinnow Winnowers
– ECGC-65E Grindeurs

CocoaTown conducts intensive, hands-on workshops on a regular basis to teach people to make chocolate starting from cocoa beans. The participants learn everything from sorting the beans to wrapping the bars.
+1 770-594-1815 / +1 770-594-1815