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The Independent Voice of the Commodity Industry


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Mombasa road, plaza 2000, 1st floor, Nairobi, Kenya

IFA Version 4.0 Edition 4.0-2_March 2013 for sub scopes Fruits and Vegetables Crop base (DAKKS)
AlbertHeijn protocol for residues
LEAF Marquee Global Standard version 13 (DAKKS)
SAN Standard for Sustainable Agriculture, Version 4 July 2010 (IOAS)
SAN Group Standard, Version 2 March 2011 (IOAS)
SAN Chain of Custody Standard, Version July 2015 (IOAS)
UTZ Certified Protocol Version 4.0 July 2015.
Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP)
Cotton Made in Africa (CMIA)
Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C)
Better cotton initiative
CAFÉ Practices

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