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What our readers and advertisers are saying about C&CI:


Bart Kroon
CEO at Agiboo
"We have been working with C&CI since the commercial launch of our Commodity Trade and Risk Management Solution “AGIBLOCKS”. C&CI has proved to be an effective way to further spread our company brand and product brand in the cocoa and coffee industries. C&CI proved to be flexible in its approach and delivered beyond agreed volumes and exposure."
Lambert Koers
Director of Futures at Blaser Trading
"We as green coffee traders have always regarded C&CI as a superb observer of the Coffee Market on each continent. It is very inspiring to read those objective and professional articles about the product which we so dearly miss whilst being on holidays or about the people whom we have known for many years. It gives us this familiar impression in which we really feel well. We, therefore, consider C&CI as part of our daily reading and are always looking forward to the next edition in our post box."
Thomas Bischof
Head of Business Unit Countlines at Bühler GmbH
"We appreciate the high quality of the magazine and its content which is important for us since this fits exactly to our Brand image. We also value the concept of having cocoa and coffee combined in one magazine since this covers exactly our needs. C&CI has especially helped us for the repositioning of our coffee business and supporting our communication strategy. We are looking forward to the future co-operation with C&CI."
Karl Seidel
Marketing Manager at Cablevey Conveyors
"C&CI is more than a trade publication for our company. Informative articles are one thing - a source of verification and validation about these trades is another. I recommend C&CI for actionable timely info that both attracts readers and informs people in the trade(s)."
Sunalini Menon
Founder & CEO at Coffeelab PVT Ltd
"C&CI is a magazine which has helped me to understand coffee and to grow in the coffee industry. My career started in 1972 and this magazine, which I read during my first steps in coffee at the Coffee Board of India, continues to enrich me with knowledge and information even today. The magazine is colourful, good to hold and most importantly, excellent to read and gather information. Thanks C&CI!"
Jens Eckhoff
Managing Director at Coffein Compagnie Dr. Erich Scheele GmbH & Co. KG‎
"Coffee & Cocoa International (C&CI) is a significant tool to enter new markets which will be supplied with Coffein Compagnie’s excellent high-quality decaffeinated coffee."
Daniele Giovannucci
President at COSA
"In your September Issue you made a well-reasoned statement about child and slave labour. I bet you got some heat about it and I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your candour and courage. More of us in the industry should follow your lead."
Gerardo Alberto de León
Marketing Director at FEDECOCAGUA
"The right information is a tool for decision making, the C&CI magazine with its excellent articles and sponsors, it is one of my assets to update my knowledge and experience of more than 30 years in coffee international trade for the small coffee producers of FEDECOCAGUA in Guatemala."
Betina Grewal
Marketing Coordinator at GEA Niro
"GEA Process Engineering has for many years been working together with C&CI on our marketing towards the instant coffee market because we are convinced that by using C&CI we efficiently can communicate with our target audience."
Richard Williamson
CEO at Generation 10
"C&CI is a specialist trade publication that provides valuable quality content on relevant issues to the coffee and cocoa trades. It is a great medium for getting our message to the market."
Anna Illy
‎Member of the Board of Directors at Illycaffè
"We appreciate the attention focused on coffee market, with high-quality editorial on its development and change - an excellent magazine to get information about the various aspects of coffee."
Alwin Böing
Managing Director at IMS Maschinen- u. Anlagenbau u. Beteiligungs-GmbH
"C&CI puts relevant topics of the industry into context and we always enjoy the in-depth investigative reports that the magazine constantly delivers. The high quality of C&CI perfectly fits our approach and we value C&CI as an important communication channel for our success.”
James Sweeting
Director at Lincoln & York
"C&CI is a must-read for anyone engaged in coffee buying. The content is well written, topical, engaging and keeps us all well-informed on the important news, issues and events that are shaping our industry."
Andreas Jürß
Marketing Manager at Neuhaus Neotec Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH
"The magazine Coffee and Cocoa International (C&CI) is an indispensable source of information for all those who want to stay well-informed about the developments of the coffee market. Again and again the team of C&CI has demonstrated its sense of interesting and up-to-date topics which always offer valuable clues."
Iris Gerlach
Marketing at PROBAT Group
"For many years we at Probat, as one of the industry leaders, have been relying on Coffee and Cocoa International (C&CI) as an independent high-quality source of information for the coffee and cocoa industries. We particularly appreciate that each and every report is not only based on thoroughly investigated facts, but reflects the editors' excellent skills to describe, summarize and evaluate even very complex issues precisely and accurately. C&CI delivers unbiased and in-depth articles about on the ground developments, covering the latest in coffee and cocoa refining technologies; we hope they will continue to do so for many years to come."
Adam Rekerdres
Vice President at Rekerdres & Sons Insurance Agency Inc
"I rely on C&CI for a global view of the coffee and cocoa industry. Whether editorial comment or technical information, C&CI brings the information I need from field to end user."
David Griswold
Founder and President at Sustainable Harvest Coffee
"Coffee and Cocoa International provides a unique perspective on the trade that looks at the important global issues that confront our industry."